Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Made It To The Bastard Bash! Friday Night Was a Blast!

So we rolled in Friday night after riding the Dragon to get to the Resort. After getting some food and starting to feel human again the fun started. We all hung out, talked trash, and generally had a good time. Some of us had a better time than others, it seems our friend from Canada had started the party early and was having a nice time with a bottle of Rum. It also seems that said bottle of Rum had the usual effect of causing Justin to crash. Too bad he crashed early and in an unlocked room ;-)

Hanging out, having fun at the Deal's Gap Resort. We took over that place and ruled it all weekend.

Since our fine Canadian friend gave us such a great opportunity we of course took advantage of it. We all got to sign his back, then of course we drew lewd pictures on his various exposed parts. He even ended up with a curly mustache and a monocle before we were done.

Our names preserved for posterity.

After we had our fun with the Sharpie we went back to partying outside. This year we also decided to do the raffle draw on Friday night so that some folks who had to leave on Saturday could get some cool swag too. There were some great prizes given out such as the Biltwell helmet I ended up with, the cool fullface helmet and a couple of riding jackets and pants from Icon and of course t-shirts from Lowbrow and other places including some shirts from the wonderful blog you're now reading.

Hanging out, having fun. The guy in the doorway was one of our too many casualties this weekend. We ended up with a total of 6 bikes going down over the weekend. Matt here was the worst of the bunch. He broke his collar bone and tore his knee up.

Of course after we got our prizes and did a little more drinking it was decided that our fine Canadian friend needed to come out and play with us. So....... some folks went in his room, picked up his mattress and carried him out to a picnic table under the "tree of shame". We had some more art class, took a lot more pictures including a group shot of us. If you want more details you need to build a badass Sportster and join the forum ;-)

Taking him out to join the party. I took pics right in his face with the flash and he NEVER woke up.

It was back to more fun and game as well as just enjoying the company of people we only get to see once a year. I love these people and can't wait to do all of this again. The rest of the night was pretty normal and the rest of us slowly drifted off to bed. The next morning was set up for a ride over to the "Wheels Through Time" museum. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.....

More hanging out.

Rob and the a bunch of others always get Room 1 and it becomes Bash HQ

Hollie even "planked" him and he didn't wake up!

Stay tuned for the rest of the weekend!

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