Monday, August 29, 2011

The Ride Home From The Bash

Sunday was the day to ride home. We loaded up the bikes said our goodbyes while trying to look forward to next year. Every year it's a little harder to leave because every year you get a little bit closer to these great folks. I wish we could all live together in a commune up on a mountain in the Appalachians.

My bike loaded down including my new Biltwell helmet I won.

Loaf Packed and ready to go too.You can see Andy back there loading up too.

The last breakfast with friends

Loaf and Preacher. You DO see what shirt Preacher is wearing don't you?

Loaf riding that chopper through the hills!

Near the Ocoee rafting area.

So, Loaf Andy and I get on the road and start to make our way home. The ride back is WAY better than the ride up. We blast down the nice highways and curvy roads until we get near Chattanooga.. We had to get on I-70 there to get around Chattanooga. We all stopped to get some food near where I-24 and I-59 split. We had some adventures before that, but I'm tired of thinking about the not fun stuff that happened. It wasn't that bad and ended up being inconveniences. After we ate, Andy blasted on down I-24 to get home to Huntsville while Loaf and I hit I-59 for Birmingham. The ride was boring, but we were tired and wanted to make time. Once we got to B'ham I headed to the house and Loaf hit I-65 for Montgomery. All in all it was a great weekend and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I had a chance to really get to know Loaf and found that he's a great person that I am proud to call Friend. If you get a chance to take a road trip you should go for it. Even if you have break downs and problems along the way it usually works out and ends up being some of the most interesting stories of the trip. Now Go Ride Your Damn Bikes! Bikes and Brotherhood is what it's all about anyway.

Andy on one of the few cool Twin Cam softails out there!

I waved Andy and Loaf around me so I could take some pics and damned if they didn't haul ass on up the road. I had to run 80 to catch up the damn speed demons!

Andy Again

Last pic I took of the trip. I think it's appropriate that it was of Loaf. He was there with me from the great first Breakfast, through the overnight stator ordeal, up to the Dragon and back home again. I can't wait to ride with you again Brother!

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  1. Thanks for everything Jeff. I'll have to get up there more often to hang out. Take it easy and I'll see you soon.