Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Spent Riding, Camping And Riding Some More!! (Part 1)

This weekend while most of you were hanging out at home, at the bar, on the couch or whatever boring stuff you were doing WE were out having a blast! Some of the guys came up with the idea to go camping over in the Talladega Nat. Forest so we loaded up and took off. Larry closed the shop around Noon then we headed over to Ross' house since he was running behind from working to get some serious BBQ meat cooked up and ready to take with us. Lucky for us Ian's transmission isn't done yet so he volunteered to drive his truck. Chopper Ed's bike was down too so he rode shotgun. The rest of us piled on the bikes and we were off.....

Leaving Ross's house. Did you really expect us to use the driveway like normal people? Gotta love Larry's riding gear, I'm diggin' those socks.

David and Stewie getting out of the grass.

Spencer is stoked for the ride!

Ian's All Terrain Monster Truck (Taken over my shoulder with the camera upside down)

We stopped in Talladega for lunch at Beverly's. My burger was pretty good!

Riding through the countryside.

Bill riding through the farmland.

David blasting up the road. David just got some new pipes made for the bike and they sound SWEET!

Riding the curves.

Going through the little towns. I LOVE to ride back roads, Interstates are boring.

Heading into the woods.

Does this bike make my ass look fat? Larry proving once again that Dixie Wrecked ain't no show queen!


  1. Awesome post! Can't wait to see Part 2. Let's do this kind of trip again SOON!!!

  2. I specifically remember Larry's nut-sack glowing neon blue.
    Does anyone else remember this???
    Since I don't see any pics, and I know that no one would be retarded enough to rub glow-stick sludge on their junk, I am starting to wonder what happened.....
    Also, do random employment drug screens test for Peyote? Ross?....

  3. Awesome. Can't wait to see all y'all again!

  4. You should have hit us up we could have met ya'll its only 2 hours from here to talladega. Next time.

  5. Larrys sack was glowing for sure Whitey, I'm glad you said it because I was wondering if I made it up in my head too!! I have a cut on my chest of unknown origin, I puked until I went to bed and I have a weird urge to name my pitbull was in that bbq??

  6. Ha! Chardonnay! That dog wanted to eat my face off!!!! I don't think Bill thought she was very cute on Sunday morning after they bonded so well Saturday night. The glow stick juice still owns me for some reason