Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Zoom's Chopper

I met Zoom when I was working at the HD dealership a couple of years ago. He was a good customer and he's become a good friend. While I worked at HD Zoom was working on putting this bike together. With the help of Doc and another friend whose name I forgot to write down (imagine that, me not taking notes) this bike came together. It's been on the road for over a year and has become Zoom's most ridden bike. It was built right and is truly comfortable because of that. As you can see the bike was heavily influenced by the Capt. America bike, but has its own personality as well. Scope out the pics and enjoy the view....

Nice lean and mean custom machine. Zoom leaves the bag on the back so it can act as a backrest and is one of the reasons the bike is so comfortable.

All the controls and bars are positioned to be the most comfortable for Zoom. I got to ride the bike and I was very comfy, but I would have to move a few things to fit me right.

Hardtail frame, wide glide forks, mustang tank, classic sissybar. What's not to love?

Only a small classic HD logo on the tank, otherwise it's just pure black paint.

One of Ross's custom points covers of course. A few nicely placed brass pieces for the right accents.

I love upturned pipes, these brass ends do a nice job of finishing off the pipe without have to have some weird shape.

The Man and his Machine!

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