Friday, August 26, 2011

Saturday Night Was A Great Time!

Not much to say on this one except Saturday night was a little more laid back but still a great time. We were all worn out and at the same time making the plans for next years party. If you like smaller get togethers with great groups of people this is the ride for you. Next year I'll be on my Sporty chop. Enjoy the pics, there will be more soon.

Just hanging out at the resort.

Room 1 always seems to be the central hangout.

I think they were laughing about my shoes or something. (Justin, Rich and LTB)

I just like this picture. I was taking random shots and got lucky as hell. I call it "A Man and his Sportster".

Fusc and Boom boom

Getting ready for the 50cc bike races.

Drinking beer at the firepit.

The bikes in action!

Watching the little bikes whizz by.

Hollie and Pyro love each other (even if their significant others were laughing at them)

Preacher, Andy and Pilot hanging out.

Butters says I'm number 1 in his book.

Preparing for the sacrificial burning of the Harley crap. We couldn't top last years reading from the Dark Custom book, so instead we burned my old work shirt from my HD days. We also had an owner's manual from a 96 Ultra's sound system that was donated as a raffle prize by a dealer in Ohio.

The sacrifice burns!

Preacher and LTB (on a borrowed bike since his headlight got torn off by a pothole) going on the annual midnight run down the Dragon. .

I still have more pics so keep on checking back!

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  1. great pics of the Bash, thanks for sharong with us MrDailey!!!!!