Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big Pink's Not Pink Sporty!

Ian has this weird love of the color pink. I don't understand it, but I guess if his Wife can deal with it so can I ;-) A while back Ian bought this Sporty off of ebay and was happy with it. Then he decided to actually ride it on a road trip or two and suddenly the love affair was on the rocks! With the help of a few friends and some cool new parts I am happy to report that the relationship has now stabilized. It seems that the earlier version of the bike was a bunch of flashy eye catching distractions to keep you from seeing the issues this beast had. Now that a new and MUCH better gas tank has been mounted, the rear fender has been painted to match, a new headlight has been added and most importantly the transmission and carb problems have been addressed she's like a new woman. I look forward to many miles of shared roads with this beast. Wish you could make it to the Bash Ian, but I understand.

Everyone knows about my fetish for upswept pipes, the only thing better are upswept fishtails.

Ian did all the leatherwork on this bike. He's new to the leather game, but is catching on REALLY quick. He's even had a paying customer for some of his work.

That Super Glide style tank just sets off the natural lines of this bike. The old tank distracted you, this on invites you in.

Lean, mean and very clean.......until you get 5 miles down the road. It IS an ironhead so you know there will be some oil slinging somewhere.

Good view if the saddlebag Ian made.

Nice new air cleaner, one day I'll talk him into chopping that cam cover.

The seat with Ian's work for all to see.

Posts will be kinda slow for the next week as I get ready to head out to the Bastard Bash. Stay tuned!

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  1. Lookin' good, Lookin' real good! I've been talking up that leather work around here so he better get ready for another paying custy or two.


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