Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weekend Spent Riding, Camping And Riding Some More!! (Part 3)

And we're ready for part 3. Saturday night a few of us were in the parking lot laying in the gravel looking up at the stars (it's amazing how many you can see when you're out in the woods like that) when Ian suddenly jumps up and is ready to sling rocks or haul ass whichever his drunken brain finally decides on. It seems he saw a pair of glowing eyeballs coming towards him and of course he was a little spooked. It turns out it was NOT big-foot or a fox it was a cool little dog that we think lived on the farm down the road. Bill was the first to recognize her for what she was and he got her to come over to us and they became instant friends. Sometime during the evening Whitey decided her name shall be Chardonnay, so that is what her name became. We fed her some of our BBQ meat so of course she became one of the gang. That night she ended up sleeping right outside Bill's little one man tent. The next morning Bill seemed to be the worse for wear and he ended up getting out of the tent and promptly laying right back down on his mat. Of course his new girlfriend wanted in on this action so I was able to capture the moment for posterity. Eventually everyone got up and we got ready to roll.

A boy and his dog. Bill started out rough, but he felt better a little later on in the day.

Ross in his palace! The guy has a freakin' air mattress with REAL sheets on it. It was hot and humid so he left the rain cover off the tent so we could all bask in his sleeping glory. Ian was so overcome by the sheer awesomeness of this set up that he had to sit down and catch his breath.

We got organized and headed on out. Some guys have smaller tanks so we made a stop in a little town to fill up. We were there about 5 minutes when this fine fellow pulled into the parking lot and sat there while we did our business. I felt like I was in an old biker movie ;-)

We finally left our fine LEO friend and hit the road. I was lucky that I saw this guy soon enough to get the camera up and get the shot. How often do you get to ride past a Model T these days.

Bill's beautiful gas tank broke the front mounting tab ;-( Here he's holding it on until we can stop and bungee it on tighter. The tank will get repaired and I'm pretty sure Shane can fix the paint so you'll never know anything happened.

David looks like he would be too tall for this bike, but once he's rollin' down the road the bike and him become one and it all flows just right.

Larry actually wearing long pants for a change. Of course by this point he has discarded his shorts with the crotch blown out of them, his wet underwear from the swimming hole and his socks for whatever reason. I think this is all the clothes he had left. The great thing though is that he was sporting his "What I See" blog shirt all weekend! By the way, I'll have these for sale soon (yes, a shameless plug).

I always get pictures of Ross as he's hauling ass past me. The boy doesn't know how to just ease on down the road.

Whitey rollin' up the miles!

Tomorrow will be the last post from the trip and it will just be random shots that I've left out so far. Stay Tuned!


  1. It looks like Ross is tugging one out in his tent.

  2. Jeff, I looked back at you when I saw that old Ford coming but didn't think you had time to get the shot, start calling you quick draw. I miss my dog, where are you chardonnay!!!!???!!!

  3. Bill - You didn't seem to be feeling Chardonnay the next morning. Seems that meeting a dog in the middle of the night while drunk ends the same way as meeting a woman under the same circumstances!!!