Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spenser's Shovel Version 6,752

If you know Stewie then you also know that he can't leave his bike alone. Whether it's his old Triumph or his current Shovelhead he is ALWAYS going to be changing it. He's got too many ideas rolling around in his head not to try some of them out. His latest change is a simple but truly dramatic one. He scored a super nice old Sporty tank off of ebay and it makes this bike into a work of art. I've liked all the previous gas tanks this bike has sported, but this one blows me away. Not much else has changed on the bike lately, but not much else needs to change. Check out the lower fork legs if you missed that mod last time I posted pics of this bike. Enjoy the view and stay tuned for whatever else Spenser comes up with.

That red tank really grabs you eye.

Still the clean simple lines that I love, but with a spot of color that makes you look again.

Timeless looks!

Now THAT is a profile!

Still a skinny little woman.

She looks so hot that Larry had to hop on. Something about that color just turns Larry into a little slut :-)



  2. Knew a guy like that in high school. Every winter he'd tear his old Honda 305 down and rebuild it like new, whether it needed it or not. My brothers like that with his Sportster, constant changes...some people are just like that.