Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shots from Saturday...

The Labor Day weekend was a mess! We had a good day Saturday, but the rest of the weekend was a wet soggy time. TS Lee came through and decided to rest for a while and dumped tons of rain on us for two full days. A lot of of folks around here still don't have power back and will take weeks to get completely dried out. In spite of that we had a fun time at the shop on Saturday and I'll share some of the fun with you.

Chopper Ed wearing his shirt from the greatest blog on the planet :-) Even though Ed is still stuck in 1980 and doesn't get on the computer very much, he still checks out the blog whenever someone will help him get to the webpage.

The barn find Pan from a while back is finally on the road. It's rough, but it's pretty much in "as found" condition. Larry added an oil tank, primary set up, new tire and a couple of other small things. Otherwise the beast is just like they found it, ugly stick welding and all.

You can see the primary spinning just to prove it was running.

They offered Brandon a ride and he was all over it. Said the bike rode great and it seemed to make him smile a lot so it must be true. That or he's tired of not having one of his bikes up and running .

Ian has a new headlight and mount. This looks SO much better than the previous set up. Good job getting the bike where it needs to be Ian!

The whole bike with the new light. Ed was still showing off his masterpiece....I mean blog shirt.

I took this while Spenser was doing a little machining. I love watching a lathe cut metal!

Spenser making sparks again.

More fun stuff to come as soon as I get over the blahs brought on by all this rain!

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