Monday, September 26, 2011

A Little Progress, But Mostly Just Better Pics.

I got my stainless in to finish the sissy bar, but once I got ready to work I realized I had to rethink my idea. This took up some time plus I helped Spenser with some other stuff around the shop so I didn't get a lot done. I did get the bungs made to mount the sissy bar to the fender and will get the rest of the set up done next weekend. I took a few minutes to roll the bike outside so I could get a few decent pics and get a better idea of how it's coming along. I'm happy so far and maybe I can actually get this beast on the road by Spring.

I think this is going to be sweet when I'm done. As I've said before I think it will end up with 6" over tubes one day, but 4" over works for now.

Damn that sissy bar is tall!

This is gonna be bad ass!

Making a big piece of stainless into a couple of smaller pieces of stainless. I actually did all my own machining today.  Maybe one day I'll try to make something cool.


  1. Good work man, I need to head up sometime soon on a weekend.

  2. You NEED to come up during the Barber's Vintage weekend. Gonna be a lot of cool people hanging out in town that weekend.

  3. Looking good Jeff, I think it looks great @ 4" over myself. SOOO looking forward to Barbers, got some shopping to do!