Sunday, September 4, 2011

Progress on The Flyrite Sportster Chop

Once again I am making progress on the Sporty Chop. I got the sissy bar mostly done. I still need to make the piece to connect the bar to the fender, but I have some creative ideas I'm working on for that and cool stuff like that takes longer. I did get the bar bent how I wanted it then did the bends to make it clear the fender. Spencer tack welded the bar to the frame mounts. The finish welding will happen after everything else is in place. My savings account took a huge hit between going to the Bash and having to replace the stator and battery on the Bad Boy. I'll get there, it just takes time and money. Enjoy the pics!

Yep, that bar is tall ;-) I like it and if I decide later I don't I'll just cut off the top and mount something up there that will make it shorter.

Last time I worked on it I had the first bend started, but ran out of gas for the torch. Larry got some more and allowed me to waste some of it trying to remember how the hell to use a torch (it's been quite a few years).

I took a pic when I was grinding the corners off the frame mounts. Have I told you lately how much I love my new camera?

Did some more bending, of course I ended up bending the legs up as well as out, but that wasn't too hard to fix. Didn't get pics of Spenser standing on the piece of plate steel while I lifted up on the bar, but that's how we got it straight.

Spenser was working on a new set of controls for a VERY nice generator Shovel, I got this cool shot of the sparks flying so I thought I'd share it with you. I love to see burning metal fly through the air!

Finally got the right shape, then cut the legs off even and tack welded the legs to the mounts. Next up is the bar to fender mounts, but that'll happen next time.

The bar looks taller in these pics because of the angle I shot from, but it IS pretty damn tall.

I can't wait to ride this bike!

Still staying pretty true to the original idea. Now if I can just find a Bettie Page wannabe to pose on her when it's done.


  1. awesome. sporty's gonna be killer. i agree, that grinder shot is pretty fuckin cool!

  2. Damn Jeff, the new camera must be nice, grinder pics look sweet. The chop is looking damn good!

  3. Yeah that is a tall sissy bar, might need a clearance light for low flying aircraft...just kidding-it looks with the front end and the rest of the bike. And just think of all the stuff you can bungee on there.