Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Kinda Cool, But At The Same Time Makes Me Scream WHY?????

It seems that sometime in teh past someone decided to take a mostly stock straight-leg Panhead and screw it up. This bike looks to be mostly stock except for the sidecar loops being cut out and molded and the rake in the neck. They also put a Flathead in here where the Panhead used to be. It's kinda neat, but a head scratcher at the same time. If I had this rolling chassis and a nice flathead motor, I would sell the flathead and buy a Pan or shovel instead. Oh well, the current owner is OK with it and wants to get it running so the guys at GarCo will come to the rescue and work their magic on it. Check out the pics and enjoy the bike for what it is. I just wish I knew the story behind it.

It looks nice from this view.

From here you can see the raked neck and the extended tubes of the front end.

Looks really good from here.

Yes, that's an original "Hydra Glide" headlight shroud.

Such potential in this one.

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  1. Oh well, people are going to keep screwing up...I remember our shop chopping Honda Supersport 750's and 500's for people who were a little confused about what they wanted. And we used to un-chop bike's sometimes. That flat head would probably be happier somewhere else. I saw a Harley with a Kawa Z-1 motor in it in the 70's. Too each their own I guess.