Friday, September 2, 2011

Meet Hannah, My Favorite cheerleader!

One of the benefits of being an internationally known blogger is that people send you pics of themselves wearing your gear. In this case the most famous and fabulous cheer leader in Ohio shared pictures of herself modeling the best blog shirt on the planet. Some of you may know Ironhollie from the Quad Cam Bastards, well this is her daughter Hannah. One of the newest members of the Central Crossing High School Varsity Cheer-leading Squad. If you want to read a storie about what's right in this world instead of all the things that are wrong, read this article from the Columbus Dispatch. After that check out Hannah and her Mom's bad ass Ironhead Sportster. People like Hollie are one of the many reasons I am proud to me a member of the Quad Cam Bastards Forum. You will not find a better more stand up group of people anywhere in the world (although some of those BDAC guys come close and maybe a few Haints too )
Enjoy the pics and READ THE ARTICLE!

Ready to ride off into the sunset!

"Well, Hello Gorgeous!"

Stay tuned for more mayhem....


  1. Hi sweet Hannah ! It's very nice to meet you :-D
    Love, Ms. Kim

  2. What a great pic! Hollie & Tom are awesome people, Hannah you rock!