Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Great Saturday

Another great weekend in the books. Saturday morning I had to knock out my "honey do" list consisting mainly of yard work, then I was able to get away and head over to GarCo. I got there just in time for lunch and after a little arm twisting I convinced them to go to Nino's so I could get a meat lover's calzone YUM YUM! The ride was short but still fun. After that we all hung out working on projects until it was time to take off for a party at Alabama Joe's house. He's got a really cool little house on a wooded lot in an area of town you would never expect to see his spread. I really dig it and should have taken pics before it got dark, but I was busy talking. I tried to take pics of the party, but the tiki torches were messing up my camera so I gave up and just enjoyed myself. It was pretty tame for a party with that many Haints, but then again I did leave pretty early.  Enjoy the pics from the lunch ride, I'm trying to update as much as I can, but things have kind of slowed down a little. It'll pic back up soon and until then just enjoy what you get and give me time and I'll post more.

What do you do once a kicker has hyper-extended your knee???? Why switch legs and give it another chance to break you of course! Larry doing the goofy foot kick starting.

I don't know what he was doing, but I got a picture of him doing it anyway.

I was taking a picture of David riding his CB750 before he buys the Panhead Larry is riding, but Larry decided to photo bomb me :-)

Trying to catch up to Larry and Spenser, but they love to give them old bikes plenty of steam.

Spenser changed his bike AGAIN! This time he got a beautiful old AMF Sporty tank off ebay for a good price. It's amazing how much of a difference just changing the paint color of a tank can make.

That tank really pops now.

Making the turn.

One more turn to go.


  1. Yeah, you left way early. It got pretty nuts. Naked NFL style coolers full of ice dumpings with upside down crosses spray painted on bare backs while punching your friends in the face and school boying dudes over choppers. Just to name one example. Jeff, you know to wait until we get drunk.

  2. was a good party glad you joined us.