Friday, September 9, 2011

The Restoration Shop At The Wheels Through Time Museum.

Just a few pictures I took in the Restoration shop of the Wheels Through Time Museum. The place is a glorious mess and I could have stayed there forever!

Looking back at some of the work areas.

There are work bays all around the edge of the room and two work areas right in the middle of the shop.

Beautiful old motors like this are everywhere in this room.

Race bike project in the works.

Rear of a servi-car resto in progress.

The other end of it.

Really cool primary cover just hanging on the wall waiting for its new home.

More to come, just been real busy this week.


  1. Amazing place all around. Brandon and I have turned wrenches on John Dill's panhead in that room...greatness.

  2. That primary cover was made by Magnuson. Rarest of the rare. I believe Dale has two of them.

  3. Looks pretty neat and organized to me. At the shop I worked at in the 70's everyone assumed we had a dirt floor. One day one of the other mechanics realized that there was a nice concrete floor under about 50 years of dirt, grease and oil. Took us about two days with gasket scrapers, but we unearthed the concrete, and found a few good rocker arms and other parts that had got lost in the mix...
    That looks like an awesome restoration facility.Wish I'd taken some pics of the old place to have as a contrast.