Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Nice Sunday Ride!

One of my best friends (30 years now) has been dealing with a lot of crap lately and she asked if I would take her for a ride so she could get her head straight. Of course I said yes (with the Wife's approval even). Last Sunday ended up being the day and the weather was perfect. I headed over to her house and off we went.

I took this one over my shoulder. Christina isn't used to me taking pics of everything so she wasn't sure what the hell I was doing.

Headed on down the road. I was actually by myself when I took this one.

We stopped for a break and I noticed our reflection in the paint so I set the timer, hung the camera from the handlebars and got this neat shot.

Riding through Springville, I love old towns like this. I wouldn't be surprised if every building in downtown was 100 years old.

My favorite building in town.

All in all, it was great ride. I got to spend time with my friend, let her vent and enjoy a nice ride though some great countryside.

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