Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Randoms From Saturday....

Just another fun day hanging out Saturday. The shop closed up early for a Bama game watching party and Ashley & Larry's house. We had a great time even if the game was pretty lopsided. I did get around to riding the Triumph around the parking lot a little and let Bill run it down the road and back. Of course as he was coming back it acted like it was out of gas. I think the charging system isn't charging though and it ran out of battery instead. Oh well, one more thing to fix when I put the new forks on. Enjoy the pics and hopefully I'll get to feeling more energetic and can set up some good posts for ya.

Th Triumph outside in the beautiful sunlight. This would have been a great shot if SOMEONE'S damn car wasn't in the background and they were not there to move it.

Customer bike getting a few things done to it.

Nice little cafe racer being modified for a customer.

I love seeing beautiful engines sitting around waiting to go in their new homes.

Another shot of the Triumph in the sunlight.

Spencer working to make a twin cam Crossbones into a much cooler bike than when it left the factory.


  1. Nice post! That really is a sweet Triumph!

  2. LOL, that murdered out Explorer in the way was mine, I think it makes the shot better. Bike rides great, who knew Trumps had 4 neutrals!