Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hanging Out On Saturday Again!

Saturday a lot of folks made it over to Helen, GA for the "Ride to the River to Wreck Your Liver" with the BDAC crew. I was one of those who is too broke to pay attention right now. Us poor folks hung out at the shop and had a little fun. We spent the day helping Stewie with shop projects and by helping I mean busting his balls, getting in his way you know, all the usual stuff. One of the things he was trying to do was to get this flathead running. It started a time or two, but we couldn't get it to stay running. I mostly took pictures of Spenser fighting the bike and offering useless advise like I always do.

Spenser riding the kick starter. This beast is different from a 4-speed shovel or Panhead bike.

The Linkert that Stewie just finished rebuilding after sitting for 500 years. I wish I had gotten pics of the float that came out of this.

Kicking from the other side.

Trying to push start it outside. How many dumbasses does it take to get in Spenser's way? All of them of course!

The roll of shame back to the shop under foot power. Oh well, progress was made at least.


  1. If it started right up, where would the fun be in that!? I'm sure it will be very rewarding when the engine breaths (and keeps breathing) again.


  2. UM, it did run, now to just keep it that way ;-)

    Timebomb, I really wish I could have made it. But with so many things coming up, plus trying to get the Sporty finished added to family stuff, it just wasn't in the cards.