Monday, April 18, 2011

Ya Got Any Drag Pipes For a 70's Shovel?

Saturday I was at the shop when this Lady walks in and asks Larry if he has any drag pipes for her Shovelhead. Of course he didn't have em in stock, but she was willing to order them and in the meantime she's going to take the pipes off and wrap them. I don't know what's cooler, her supporting the local shop, her doing the work herself or the fact that she owns/rides and maintains her own damn Shovelhead. Gotta love it.

The Lady and her noble steed.

Getting ready to ride off to the auto parts store for pipe wrap.

You can see the offending pipes pretty well in this one. Otherwise it's a damn nice looking bike. She's talking about getting rid of the raked trees to make it handle a little better.

Classic lines!

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  1. Shovelheads rock,chic's on shovelheads rock more.