Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Riding Pics (Part 2)

Saved the Best for today. I'm finally getting the hang of taking pics while riding beside folks. Still need a LOT of practice on taking pics of folks coming towards me. I won't even try to show you those pics, if they sucked any harder your roof would cave in. Anyway, here's the good shots, hope you like them.

Spenser with his newest tank. His "pretty" one got a small leak and made a gas bubble in the paint. Shane is going to try and fix it, but in the meantime Stewie bought a new tank and laid down a nice simple black and white scheme. It looks REALLY good and original. In a way I dig it more than the other one.

Brunson heading out on his new ride.

Ian and his ironhead.

Larry on a nice FL that is for sale. Go to for more info or just call the shop.

Nick on his sweet shovel, this bike has such a bad ass stance rolling down the road.

And another shot since it came out pretty well.


  1. Not bad. Sorry to hear about the rough tank, that totally sucks.

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