Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Riding Pics (Part 1)

Another lunch ride this Saturday. I'm going to make this a two day post just because I can If you want to see more of these bikes then bring your butt out to the Dixie Roundup this upcoming Saturday. All of these bikes will be there (except I plan to be on the Triumph instead of the softail).

Turning into "Charlie's Chitlins". One of my oldest friend's Dad (R.I.P. Mr Brock) used to call all sit down restaurants by this name. Now it's kind of a tradition for me do it too. That's what you get when you talk to us country folks.

On the ride there.

Ian "Big Pink" at the stop light on the way out.

We pulled over to let Brunson turn around and catch up so I tried to take this pic of Larry on the Shovel as he pulled out. I hit the button too quick and the shot came out super blurry so I decided to make it kinda artsy and used a "watercolor" filter on it in photoshop. Not a great pic now, but at least you don't get a headache trying to focus on it.

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