Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ridng Pics with the New Camera

Got a new camera recently. The old one was about used up and was ready to retire. This new one is WAY better and does so much more. I've been playing around with taking pics while I ride and decided to take some on my ride to GarCo Sat morning.

The street I live on.

More of my street. I'm lucky I live on teh edge of my neighborhood so I get all the benefits of being in the community and at the same time I can head the other way and I'm more into the countryside.

On Morgan road watching the train go by. This was fun to take because I was riding through a curve at the same time.

As Rev. Tramp says..."One for the Troops!" Helena City Hall.

I really like this house, maybe because I see 5 garage doors on two different levels on it. I would LOVE to have that much garage space.

Crossing the Cahaba River.

Caretakers house at a golf driving range I go by. I like the pond, not the driving range. Golf does nothing for me.


  1. Great pics...what sort of camera do you have and what's the secret to getting such good stills whilst riding.

  2. I bit the bullet and bought a GOOD camera. It's a Canon G12 and is as close as you can get to an SLR with out being able to change lenses. It was not cheap, but it has proven to be worth every penny so far. As for how I take these pics, I put the camera on "auto" hang it around my neck with the strap, tighten the throttle lock and reach down grab the camera, point it and click the button. The secret is getting good at aiming the camera without looking at the screen or through the lens finder.