Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Progress on The Photo-Chopper

I'm slowly getting there. I hope to have this bike ready to ride to the Bastard Bash at Deals Gap this August. SO far I'm on track, but you all know how that goes sometimes.

Got a new sprocket cover so I can mount the rear master cyl. The cam cover and sprocket cover WILL get cut down, but I need a master cyl mount or I wouldn't even use a cover for the sprocket.

Trying to make forward controls from a 2000 up Sporty fit. This is a 4 speed motor and a Flyrite frame so of course this couldn't be a simple bolt on. I did finally get it figured out and it turned out to be a simple spacer change on the shifter side to let the mount clear the frame. Still have to fab a brake rod to connect the pedal to the master cylinder.

Got the dam things on!

Close up of the shifter side.

Good view of the new set up.

All her chopper glory!!

That is some fine chopper goodness right there!

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