Monday, April 11, 2011

Hanging Out At GarCo On A Saturday

Gonna be a light week for posts this week. I spent most of the weekend hiding from the pollen. ALLERGIES SUCK! I guess this is a good time to post these pics from a few weekends ago. Just some random shots from hanging around on a Saturday playing with the new camera.

Moon, Pickett and Nick hanging out around the Weed Steed. That's my Sporty in the foreground.

Duane and Moon dealing with a stubborn carb mount. This was eventually fixed with a new aircleaner set up that Ross made. You can see pics of it on the Haints blog.

Duane and Moon again.

Trying to decide on classes and trophies for the Dixie Roundup bike show. Spenser's dog Luke is trying to figure out what the hell all the ruckus is about.

Nick and "Big Pink" outside checking out the new saddlebags on his ironhead.

Just looking across the front of the building.

Looking at the shop from the intersection out front.

Spenser took this one with his camera. He has a G11 and he is the one that convinced me to go that route too. By the time i had the money the G12 was out, so mine is a little newer. I've been acting like such a little kid and being all enthusiastic about my new camera that Spenser has started to get a excited about taking pics again. The man is not just a super talent with metal, he also has a damn good eye for photography too.

As you can see I am lucky to have the friends I have. From Larry who makes the whole place possible, and Ashley his significant other who livens up the place and is showing me up more and more about graphic design everyday, to Spenser who convinces me I CAN do that even if I think I can't and even Nick who knows exactly what the hell a classic choppy is supposed to look like and won't hesitate to tell you. Life is Good!

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