Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Space At Work

People ask me if I work at the GarCo and I have to tell them no, I just damn near live there on Saturdays. I work at a company called and we sell carbide inserts and tools for machine shops over the internet. I work with two other guys who are great and also ride bikes. They're not chopperheads like I am but that's OK everybody is into what they're into and as long as they ride I'm OK with that. Since there are only 3 of us we all do a little bit of everything, but my main jobs are shipping and cust svc. In the back of our building we have a small warehouse area, but we don't really use it to store stock, we use it to work on our bikes ;-) One one side of the room is our bike lift and shelves where we keep the fun stuff and on the opposite side is where I do my shipping stuff. When I started, the back area was bare and boring, but I have been working on changing that. I started out by cutting apart some old calendars and then started printing pictures I liked. Some of these are images I saved from Ritchie Pan's blog, some are from Chop Cult and some are pics I took as well as some odd pics I've found here or there. My garage space at home is pretty small so I've tried to make this area as cool as I can instead.

Over all view of my work area. I made the Triumph banner when I worked at a print/sign shop a few years ago.

Most of these pics are from old calendars with a centerfold from BSH just for fun.

Lots of cool art here. Some from Ritchie Pan, some from wherever I found it and some are just pics I stole from Chop Cult.

Some of these are pics I stole from Josh

The opposite side of the room. You can see the lift down there and normally there are two other bikes next to mine. Bill & Brian were at lunch when  took this one.

I know most folks won't care about this post, but I wanted to let people know what the deal is and also to share my fun collection of pics. I printed most of them on cardstock with a standard inkjet printer. If you find cool stuff print it out and put it on the garage wall!

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