Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lunch Ride Saturday And I'm Playing With The Camera Again!

The weather here is starting to be consistently nice so we've been able to have some nice rides for the mid day grub on Saturday. This week was no exception and once again I had to play with my new toy during the ride.

Spenser looking through Patrick's arms.

Leaving the shop.

Spenser riding in front of Larry and Ashley.

Spenser goes for the lead!

Patrick's Dad owned this FLT years ago and Patrick was able to get it back and has now rebuilt it into his own ride. As you can see I still haven't quite got the hang of getting the shot while moving. I kinda like how it worked out the time though.

Still trying to get the hang of the riding photos, but once again I think I like how this came out.

And here we are at Charlie's Chitlin's for lunch again.

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