Friday, April 8, 2011

Just Some Pics I Like.

On the way back to the shop Sat Spenser and I stopped to pick up some "adult beverages". While he was inside getting the beer I played around some more.

Spenser's shovel and my Bad Boy.

Can you tell I like these low angle shots?

My primary form of transportation. I LOVE this bike, it suits me well.

I want to get a shovelhead one of these days.


  1. Spensers tank looks so cool against the bright blue sky. Keep posting pics!!!

  2. Don't get a Shovelhead. They're terrible.

  3. Softails ride like dumptrucks! Dyna's, Sporty's and FLHT's are the way foreward Son.Pics like this makes me wish I was back in Al Abamastan.

  4. HA! I LOVE my softail, it's the best riding bike I've ever had. I think that may be because of the Springer though. I do know that it will lean in the corners far enough to wear a hole in my saddlebag though ;-)

    You do need to get your ass back to Al Abamastan soon dammit. You are going to miss a HELLUVA party on the 30th!