Monday, April 25, 2011

Brunson Gets A Ride!!!

My good friend Nick Brunson FINALLY got another bike. He got taken out by a little old lady on his old bike last year and has been dealing with that BS for a while now. He finally got things in order enough to get himself a another cool bike. He had picked up a cheap jap chop to ride but it was only temporary. The bike he ended up with belonged to our friend Patrick so it's stayed in the family. Nick is in the process of making it his own so be ready to see more pics as it progresses down the road. After these pics were taken he ripped the tanks off and was replacing them. I had to leave before he finished, but it was already looking much different.

The temporary Jap Chop

Brunson rolling down the road

Sitting at the stop light

Heading out to rack up a few more miles.

Stay tuned for more pics of this one as it changes over time.


  1. You're the shit buddy. I can't tell you how pumped I am to be choppin' again. Fuck old lady drivers...

  2. I hear ya man! I am SO damn happy to see you on 2 wheels again!