Friday, April 15, 2011

Going into the old files.....

Since I haven't gotten out much because of the pollen I thought I'd post some older pics I've had laying around the harddrive. This old Sporty was built on the cheap by one of my old customers back when I worked at the dealership. It's a 75 XLCH and came out REALLY nice with almost all of the work done by the owner Tommy.

This was my old brake caliper and it had a stripped out bleeder. Tommy said he could make it work so I gave it to him. Not only did he repair it and make it work he took an ugly grey worn out looking brake and cleaned it up and polished it until it sparkled.

I know purple is an unusual color but it works on this bike. You can see the beauty from a mile away.

Yeah, I know my finger got in the way. It was my phone's camera so what do you expect.

Good view of the funking shifter arrangement made necessary when the Feds mandated left side shift for all bikes in '75.

Tommy used a skull derby cover on his A/C. Kinda neat in a weird way.

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