Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another Saturday, Another Ride To Lunch.

I know a lot of you don't have riding weather where you are, so us Southerners are willing to keep riding and taking pics to make sure you don't forget just how much fun it is to ride all year. Saturday was a beautiful day around 60° or so and we took advantage of it.

Ian kickstarting his ironhead that he just put back together while Larry photobombs him back there.

This one is for J-Rod in the BDAC. I TOLD you I love the new helmet you painted for me.

Matt is getting some good miles in on his CB750. He's young, but learning pretty quick.

"Uh Oh! He's gonna post this damn pic and Stewie will know I "borrowed" his bike!" 
Actually Larry is more brazen than that, he posted a pic of Spenser's bike in the parking lot of Nino's on "Instagram" to rub it in that Stewie was moving while we were playing.

Ian FINALLY slowed down at a stoplight so that I could catch up and get a pic. That damn ironhead runs a LOT better now than it did on the way to and from last years BMR.

We've arrived!

I told his young ass to slow down on the way back so I could get a pic. I got this one, but the rest of them are from behind because he just couldn't resist.

Lot's of fun Saturday as usual. If you're in the area you really should stop in. There's always something fun happening.

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