Monday, January 9, 2012

Dont Have A Heart Attack, But I Did Some Work On The Flyrite!

For the last few weekends I have been tied up with family/holiday stuff. This weekend I was finally able to get away and do my own thing. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time and love my family, but I needed some CHOPPER TIME BABY! So Saturday morning I show up at Garco and first things first I helped Larry with a few Photoshop pointers so he could work on the Dixie Round Up flyer (see how I worked that plug in there?). After that I got to work putting the battery for the Triumph on the charger so I can get that beast finished up. Turns out the new battery had a dead cell and of course I've let it sit until the warranty is expired. Oh well, I'll splurge and get an AGM battery this time. So now I've worked on one of my bikes, on to number two - the Sporty in a Flyrite Scorcher frame. Just a few fab projects to go and I can start to finish this one. Today's project was to get the oil tank mounted, or at least well on its way. The oil tank is from Spitfire and is a beautiful piece, but in this frame I need it to fit around the seat post. That means I get to cut into this work of art to make it my own. A while back I had cut some metal away to make room. Saturday I had to cut a little more to get the mounts where I needed them.

Finally got it where I hope it needs to be.

Now to make the mounting tabs. First cut the piece of steel I found in the shop to the right lengths for the two tabs. I LOVE to make sparks fly, the only thing I like more is taking pictures of sparks flying. As you can see I'm having a good day so far.

Trying to drill the holes for the mounts. Damn vise did not want to cooperate. Finally I got it to see things my way and got the holes done.

Got everything in place with some help from Spencer. Of course he did the welding since I'm not that good with a tig. So far so good, I have to order the isolation mounts from lowbrow then we'll see if I got it right. On to something else.....

Tried to work on the sissy bar, but ended up running into issues leading to me having to rethink some stuff. No problem, that's what next weekend is for. Spenser snapped this pic of me working. It's rare I get to see pics of myself. That glare in the photo is from the sun reflecting off my bald spot.

Here's how it looks so far. I'm thinking of getting a points cover to resemble the side of the oil tank or bribing Ross to make a small version of whatever the points cover ends up being to fit the small circle on the side of the oil tank. That's down the road though.

While I was doing this stuff Ian from Americana Speed Shop and the other guys were working on getting the cam cover of Ian's XL back on. Not sure what the issue was, but the bike is getting there and will be back on the road soon.

Oh yeah, I also ended up working on my Bad Boy because water got between the lid and rubber gasket of the rear master cyl. reservoir making the rear brake drag big time on the lunch ride (dumb idea to put it between the frame tubes so the front wheel can force feed the water into it).  My rear rotor is purple now, but it was an easy fix. So this means I ended up working on ALL of my bikes this Saturday. I guess that just means I'm lucky to have more than one. Now if I could just get more than one on the road at a time I'd be happy.

Keeping on checking in, I'll post updates as I get stuff done!

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