Friday, January 6, 2012

A Little BDAC/J-Rod Love!

A while back J-rod from Atlanta and I were talking and he says he wants to paint me a helmet. I thought that would be cool as hell, but didn't have one for him to paint. Most of you who know me have seen my Evel Knievel helmet that I painted a few years ago. It was a white helmet from ebay that I added the stripes and stars to. Not too long ago I found someone selling helmets that already had the stripes applied. I ended up picking one up pretty cheaply and sent it to J-rod for some of his killer artwork. I am a HUGE EK fan, he's one of the biggest reasons I got into bikes all those years ago. J-rod decided to work from this idea and added hand painted versions of the classic Evel wheelie pic on each side of the helmet and he added the KJ initials on the back in a style similar to the way EK was on Evel's belt buckle. The helmet came out great, J-rod has some real talent and as he gets more experienced you're going to be amazed at how good his work looks. Check out the pics and eat your heart out, this helmet is MINE DAMMIT!

KJ on the rear..

Evel riding that wheelie.

He's got me flanked!

Give J-rod a holler on the BDAC blog and maybe he'll hook you up too. He did a great helmet for Christian at Xian Leather, I know he can make you happy as well.


  1. Just spreading the gospel my friend!

  2. Very nice work. Someday you should have him do a tank for you.