Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Day In The Life.

Saturday started of with such great weather (see first pic). It did clear up some later, but I still had a wet ride to Garco. That's alright, it's all part of the "two-wheeled life". Got some things done, but I'll tell ya about them later first off I'll tell ya about the morning.

Looking out my front door at the new river flowing in front of the house. It made for a fun ride for sure.

Bill brought his award winning XS650 in to work on changing his clutch cable. Even the best bikes wear out parts sooner or later.

I know this bike is not what we consider cool, but I have to give the guy credit, he rode through a hurricane to get the bike to the shop for some work. I waited till the worst blew over, he on the other hand rode 30 miles through POURING rain. An hour after I got to the shop it was still dripping wet.

The whole bike. Like I said, it's not my style, but if the guy is willing to ride it no matter what, I'll cut him some slack.

What kind of guy reads the drivel I type on here......
These guys of course. That's Bill on the left, he's a regular participant in the craziness I call my life and the guy on the right is Matt Harris. He contacted Bill after the XS was in the Horse and wanted to meet up to get some info for the XS Matt and his Dad are building. Matt says he's a regular reader of this blog and likes what he sees. It's always cool to run into people who appreciate the work I put into this place. He and his Dad are also the luckiest guys I've met in a while after the deal they got on a nice FL shovelhead. Let's just say it's hard to even find a ratty Sportster for that price. Good Luck Matt and keep me posted on the XS.

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  1. Ha "drivel"...such a wonderful word but I don't agree that it applies to your wonderful blog!!