Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Little More Work On The Sporty

At this pace I'll be done in about 15 years, but I am SLOWLY getting there. I believe I have the oil tank mounted the way I want it. Hopefully next weekend I can get started on welding it back together to call it done. Then it'll be on to another part of the bike.

I ordered some threaded bungs from Low Brow to move the tank a little lower so I can get the oil cap off. Once I got them I decided they were about a 1/4" longer than I wanted them to be. Into the lathe they go to be shortened a bit.

Spenser welding on the lower tank support.

The colors in this picture work for me.

And there you see it. The lower support. The hole was already in the piece of steel and will probably get welded up before the paint/powder is applied. What I did was add this tab, then I'll put a piece of rubber on it and let the tank rest there to take some weight off the mounting tabs. It'll work like a bolted on mount, but will be easier to deal with when installing or removing the tank.

you can see the bungs doing their job lowering the tank. I still need to shorted the studs in the rubber isolators and shorten the bolts I'll use for final mounting.

So there you have it, another step in the creation of my master piece.

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