Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Me & The Triumph, Learning More About Photography.

Lately I've been working on learning more about photography and trying to take better pictures. To do this I've been collecting the best gear I can get either for Christmas or by saving up for it. The weather Saturday was perfect for me to get the stuff out and get some better pictures of my Triumph and even get a few of me on the bike using the tripod and timer. I'm working on the next design for a blog shirt and needed pictures to use anyway so lets combine all of this and have some fun.

Using the tripod and natural light I got a few shots to show off the shiny bits of the bike.

Almost the same, but I moved the camera to the left.

Got one of me to show off my new Lowbrow beanie and Garco shirt.

Made this using "fine threshold". I like to do this to photos. It makes them really minimalist and lets the details stand on their own with out bright colors to distract you.

Spenser hates it when I park a bike with the forks turned to the left so I did it his way and turned them to the right for this shot. I went with the plain white door as a background here so that I can edit out the background to make the t-shirt art.

Added me to the pic. My Wife likes this one, she says I take pictures of everyone else, but we never get any pictures of me.

This was made using layers, I did the "fine threshold" to one copy on its layer, then lowered the opacity to let the color version on its layer show through. Then I flattened the image and called it done.

This one is just "fine threshold" but I used photoshop to change my shirt from a Garco shirt to a "What I See" shirt. I was thinking of using this one for the blog shirt, but I doubt y'all want a picture of my ugly mug on your shirt. Since I need to actually sell some of these I'm going a different way.

And finally another plain bike shot to be used with out a background later on.

Hopefully you liked these pics, at least the Triumph pics. Now that you know what I look like be sure to come up and say "Hello" when you see me at the Dixie Roundup or BMR or where ever we run into each other. 

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