Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Few Pics From A Sunny Saturday Afternoon!

Last Saturday started off wet as hell, but turned into a nice day. We are having a mild winter even for Alabama this year. Hell, yesterday it was 74 damn degrees!Anyway, these are just some pics I took during the day that really didn't go with the other posts. Hope ya like em.

Spenser hasn't ridden much lately with the new 9-5 grown up job he's got along with moving into a new apartment so he took his baby out for a little ride.

Whitey says that this is Larry being cheap and trying to breed new frames.

Larry trying to burn his nads off doing some grinding!

Artsy pic of Spenser welding on some cool new pipes for Ian. I told Ian I wouldn't post any pics of the pipes until they were done and he had shown em off first so you'll have to wait to see the gorgeous masterpiece!

Ian and Spenser talking over the design for his pipes. Stewie cleans up nice doesn't he?

Looking through the bike while Spenser welds.

A customer's wheel waiting to be picked up. Hopefully it'll get worn out and not sit until it dry rots like too many fat tires do.

Stay tuned for more fun stuff!


  1. What's the word on those frames? Are they customer's or are they selling them?

  2. That first looks like it's got about 2 inches of stretch the way the back bone comes down straight? Just curious.

  3. I'll have to ask Larry, I was too busy laughing at Whitey's smart ass remark to ask ;-)

  4. They're both customer frames. One of them was picked up yesterday.

  5. I never could get into that whole wide as hell rear tire thing anyway...especially here in the Pacific North Wet. It can be tough enough riding in the rain without the rear tire trying to hydroplane every time you ride through a rain shower.
    Looking forward to seeing those new pipes.

  6. I agree with you to me 180 is getting too wide. I had one on my old Shadow, but I prefer the 130's on my current bikes.