Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Satursday's Lunch Ride Or As We Call It....Larry & I Rode, The Rest Caged It!

Gotta love living in Alabama where even in January you can ride to lunch with just a light jacket. This Saturday a bunch of us went to lunch, but only Larry and I actually rode. Don't worry I ragged on the others enough for all of us. Anyway, enjoy the pics of Larry riding a CB750  cafe-ish bike they built for a customer in Tuscaloosa.

Getting ready to go.

"Are you taking damn pictures AGAIN???"


I love this shot!

Yep, the rear brakes work! Even got a little smoky on this one!

Come hang out with us, we're always having some kind of fun. And if we're not, we're about to be!

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  1. That Honda must sound like a dragster. No light jacket weather out on this coast. Hey Jef, if you haven't seen it yet, check out 'The Vintagent' site for an article on Cliff Vaughs, the guy that designed the chops in 'Easy Rider'. There is a video of a motorcycle safety film he did starring Fonda and Knieval. It has Evel jumping a Sportster at the Coliseum. Interesting stuff.