Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Fun Filled Saturday!

Another crazy fun day hanging out at GarCo. The day started off when I got there and there was a celebrity in the house. The one and only Benji from Death Science stopped in to visit and I got to hang out and get to know him a little bit. This is one straight up guy that has forgotten more about photography than I'll ever know. The good thing is that he's a fan of this blog so we know he's a person of great taste ;-) Check out the Death Science blog and also Show Class magazine to see some of his work. I'm looking forward to picking his brain and drinking a few brews at BMR with ya Benji!

After lunch things slowed down a bit and we all drifted outside to throw the tennis ball at each other (literally in some cases ....Thanks David!). To make it fun it was decided that all throws should be made with your goofy hand. This led to some really funny, really stupid throws and I got pics of some of it. It's not easy to capture the essence of the stupidity involved in a still shot, but some of these are too funny. Y'all feel free to come out on Saturdays and hang out with us. The worse that can happen is you'll get hit in the back with a tennis ball (thanks again David!) ;-P

Benji wanted some love and Larry just wanted to hug this Pan motor. Spenser ignored them both and played with his distributor shaft.

I will KILL YOU with my Death Ray Vision™!

Stewie was trying to levitate the tennis ball and somehow brought his whole body into the air. Right after this Luke bite Spenser and all we heard was a large, long flapping noise and Spenser flew off into the power lines like a deflating balloon.

Ian pitching like a spastic monkey! The hat is what makes it all so cool.

Bill was all over the place dancing like a......... well hell, I don't know WHAT the hell he was dancing like!

Here he is showing his perfect feminine throwing style.

Spenser perfected the girlie throw while Luke watched on trying to figure out why we wouldn't let him play with his own damn ball.


  1. Jeff, Im glad we finally met and happy you didn't chase me off the Garco compound with a pistol once you saw me taking pics haha. 15 minutes was not nearly enough time to talk and we will pick up where we left off. My moral went up once we all had the same gripe over the chopcult contest haha! Seeya in Tennessee my dood!

  2. Those left handed throwing pictures are great. Bill looks like he's playing some level 11 Air Guitar!!!

  3. HAHA those pictures are awesome! AWKWARD and AWESOME!!