Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Got The New Computer And Went For A ride.

I spent ALL damn day Saturday waiting on Fed Ex to deliver my new computer, it finally showed up around 4:30 so the day was shot, but I did get some restin' and relaxin' in. To make up for missing out on the great weather Saturday I took a solo ride on Sunday. Just me, my bike and a few fun local roads. Some days that's just what you need and this time was no exception. Check out the pics and ride along with me.....

The entrance to a housing area down in a valley. I love living up in these hills. The views are great and the roads are fun.

At another street looking off the other side of the mountain.

A fun stretch of one of my favorite roads.

A neat little building that I've used as a backdrop a few times. It works much better with the blue in the Bad Boy's paint than it did with the red bats on the old Honda.

After all these riding pics I can't believe this is the first time I've taken a shot like this.

I just decided to try this new little side road. It was a great road and I will ride this one again.

Tried to take an artsy pic of myself, not that great but I'm still posting it anyway because I can ;-)

I'll be a little skow posting for a few days as I get the new machine up and running. The hardest thing is getting all my software squared away. I DID download Gimp so I can edit pics until I get it all set up.


  1. Looks like Rex Lake/Sicard Hollow.

  2. That's actually South Shades Crest after you cross Morgan Road and on down the mountain to Pocahontas into Bessemer.