Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bama Swap & Drag - The Bikes!

Here's some more of the pics I took at the swap meet. Like I said Monday, I didn't get to stick around long, but I did snap a few pics as a went through. Hope ya like em!

The show was put on by Rick or Rick's Cycle Parts and his Son Michael of Violent Choppers. This is Michael in the golf cart talking to one of his buddies who sold me the seat.

Nice little chopper in the parking lot.

Classic lines on this shovel, I was diggin' on it.

Another angle.

In the swap area where some bikes were parked.

This Sporty has a lot of potential.

Duane's shovel.

Bad ass little race bike.

CLEAN Shovel in Rick's booth. I WISH I had the money for it.

Other side.

True survivor from the old days. I remember seeing this bike many years ago when a friend of mine was trying to sell it. Then it resurfaced after Rick had rescued it from someone who was going to screw up

Other side.

Custom Sporty

Pan with potential!

I see a LOT of potential in this one.

And this is what's wrong with the world today. A LOT of work and craftsman ship was put into making an ugly bike that I can't see anyone truly riding AND it's not worth a whole lot because of the engine used. I hope he likes it because I have a feeling it's his for good.

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