Monday, November 28, 2011

Visitor On His Way Through Town

I got a call from Marty on Tuesday telling me he would be stopping over in town Wed night on his way up North to handle some business. He wanted to know if I was going to be around to hang out a bit while he was here. Of course I was excited as hell because he was bringing his knucklehead with him!!! I mean I like hanging around with Marty, but the Knuck rules the earth!!! Anyway, he got in around 9:30 Wed night and I met him, Ashley and Larry so they could eat (I went out with the family earlier). We had a great time and seeing the Knuck in the dark just whetted my appetite to see it in the daylight. Check out the pics and keep your eyes open for Roadside's Knuck sightings in the near future!

This is what I get for trying to bow up and make sure the blog shirt showed. I just ended up looking even fatter than I am ;-) At least Marty did a good job of pointing out what blog he loves the most (next to his of course).

Larry and Marty getting ready to head over to Larry's to sack out. Ashley had already left to finish getting things ready by this time.

The Beauty herself. There are so many cool things about this bike. From the tank that Marty's uncle painted YEARS ago to the original Aermacchi rear fender with a lot of other cool stuff thrown in as well.

The other side. Many fine details here as well. From the shifter to the foot clutch made from a shifter. The white rubber (except for the grips) is all vintage, there's a ton more but I just can't remember right now (imagine that).

Handmade sissy bar.

Original Aermacchi sticker still on the fender.

Larry and Ashley pickin' at the appetizer.

Marty tellin' a story as usual.

we had a great time even if it was only for a couple of hours. It's always good to spend time with family, and Brother Roadside is family for sure.


  1. Geez man, the guy comes all the way to Bham and the best ya'll can come up with is Applebees? Weak

  2. The "A" was Larry's idea Bill and tell your crazy wife I said wat up Baldwin County muthafucka LOL!!! ALWAYS good to se you too brother Jeff..definitely one of the highlights of this trip!!!

  3. Bill, I just showed up where they told me to. I think Larry has an unnatural attraction to that place. It's kinda scary if you think about it ;-)

    Marty, I'm just glad to see the getting knuck getting its just due. :-)