Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Swap Meet Parts!

I told you about the swap meet a few weeks ago, While I was there I scored a seat and a set of evo sporty rocker boxes. This Saturday I got to mess with them a little to see how they'll work.....

The seat. I think I like it. I at least like it enough to run with for now. It might get replaced down the road.

I have to do a little forming of the pan. It's close, but you can tell people have been working it to make it fit where they wanted it. Luckily it needs to bend in the direction that will take pressure off the cover so it won't tear when I sit my big ass on it.

It's like the back was made FOR my homemade sissy bar. I DO love that part.

This may just work!

After a quick blast with the sand blaster to get the crud off. Now I get to polish them back up.

Another view, not bad for $20.

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