Thursday, November 17, 2011

Found Some Old Pictures

I felt sick today (some kind of bug I guess) so I stayed home. While I was rummaging through a drawer looking for something I found some old pics I had forgotten about. I like em, so I thought I'd share them.

About 15-16 years ago my friend J.D. Foster (R.I.P. My Brother) and his girlfriend Olivia (that I introduced him to) went over to the Hooters by Century Plaza for a bike show. This was in the days before Bike Nights everywhere so it was kinda of a big deal for us. We had a great time, I rode my Triumph and J.D. was riding my old '75 XLCH that he had redone. There wasn't a lot of bikes that day, but we had a good time anyway. Sometimes I really miss the old days. I wouldn't give up my current life and my wonderful Wife, but I still feel nostalgic sometimes. I hope you're enjoying riding your bikes in whatever afterlife you found J.D. I miss ya Bro!

My old '75 XLCH after J.D. repainted it. He eventually completely redid it, but at this point all that was different from when I had it was paint and the sissybar that was on it was on my Triumph by then.

Some girl on a nice Sporty that day.

I also found these pics of my old 1963 Ford pick up. I loved this truck, but it was just too old and unreliable for what I needed at the time. I hope the guy who bought it followed through with what he told me he had planned for it. I'd love to see how it came out.

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