Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Making A New Sissy Bar, The Rest Of The Story

Yesterday I left you with the round bar bent and cut to size and the square stock cut, drilled and tapped. After that Spenser hooked me up and welded the pieces together. After it cooled I put it all back together and rode home. Sunday I decided it needed a little dressing up. The round bar and square stock were welded side by side to each other with two flat ends just kinda sticking out there. I decided to use my cutoff wheel to cut the ends at a tapered angle. This really helped the pieces flow together a lot better. After that I primed and spray bombed the sissy bar black to match the rest of it. Got it back together and have been strapping my crap to it the last couple of days. So far so good. We might add a few pieces to the inside for me to be able to hook bungees a little better, but for now I am done.

Stewie tacking it together.

On the bench getting welded for real.

See what I mean about the flat ends?

A little work cutting them at angles instead made a helluva lot of difference. Add a little paint and we have a nice looking sissy bar.

See what I mean, it looks good to me! I know all my bends are not perfect, but I don't care because other than the welding I made this all myself.

I think it works really well with the overall look of the bike. I've always loved the Panhead that Peter Fonda rode in "Wild Angels" and have kinda used that as a model for this bike. I have no plans for painting a dragon on the tank or changing to a flat fender, but the lines are similar.

As usual I have to get my low angle shot.

Looks good from the rear too. Now we finally have proof that I CAN finish a project and not just drag it on for years. Make your bike your own, then go ride it like you know how to fix it!


  1. I think it looks perfect! For some reason when I was watching you bend that thing I thought it was for the sporty, looks great. BTW, I jacked that sporty headlight from your box of goodies.

  2. That's because the one you saw me bending WAS for the Sporty. I started this one a week ago and then finished it this weekend. Have fun witht eh light ;-)