Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Finished Project!

Well, it is FINALLY Done (for now). You saw the tank yesterday so here are pics of the complete bike. I've covered most of the cool parts of this bike before so I'll be brief with this one. Spenser used 4" over tubes on the Sporty front end, custom made GarCo bars, handmade stainless exhaust and sissy bar as well as a nice jockey shift set up. Bring you happy butt down South to the Dice party or make it to the BMR (Big Mtn Run) and you can see this beauty for yourself.

Nice old style chopper seat without the P-pad.

Good view of the jockey setup.

Love the lines on those pipes!


Givin' it hell!

Front tires last longer if they don't have to actually roll across the ground. I made this one my desktop background I like it so much.

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