Monday, March 28, 2011

The First Tank Shane Ever Painted...

I've shown you some of Shane's paint work before, but this one is the VERY first one he tried. For a guy who had never tried to do any custom painting I think this job shows his extreme natural ability to master damn near any artistic medium. He meant for it to have a semi flat appearance so it is supposed to be "not glossy". What a great non-standard paintjob on a fun little non-standard bike.

Top - those scales would have driven me crazy trying to paint. I've tried to mask off a sporty tank before and all of those curves really make it hard to get everything even.

Side view, you can also see a little of the seat which was his first attempt at tooling leather. Sometimes I really hate Shane ;-)

Just an all around cool little bike.

1 comment:

  1. Jeff, I think I am with you...sometimes I hate Shane too!! lol and I have never met him..damn, and THAT is his FIRST custom job!?!
    when a man has talent, it sure shines through...and Shane is blazing!!