Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Great Saturday, Full Of Chopper Goodness!

Saturday was a REALLY good day. I started out by meeting up with some of the Southern Cruisers on Hwy 119 near the HD dealer and from there we rode about 50 miles to get to an R/C helicopter fly in that was about 5 miles from my house. Gotta love that! I'll post pics from there later on. I hung out there until around lunch time then headed on over to Heart of Dixie HD (where I used to work and basically where I had started the day from) to meet up with the Garage Company Customs crew for some lunch. We were surrounded by RUBs, but there were also a lot of different patch-holders hanging out. I chowed down on a "rib steak on a stick" and it ROCKED!!! We all ate, looked around a few minutes then headed back over to the shop where I got the work done on the Sporty that you saw in the earlier post. Also Friday I got my new camera, my old one is quite a few years old and getting tired. I had to smack it most of the time to make it work and I didn't realize how much the quality had slipped until I saw the new pics. A great thing about this new camera is the strap actually goes around my neck not my wrist so I was able to play around and get a few good riding shots. Check em out and don't forget the big Chopper Show and Dice Party at the end of April!!!

Larry eating and Ashley playing on her phone as usual ;-)

Nick, Boozer, Ross and the back of Spenser's head. I REALLY did enjoy the steak on a stick, should have gotten a picture of it to help me remember just how good it was.

The Haints rolling out of the yuppy masses!

Yep, the same damn stoplight that I ALWAYS take our picture at. I included this one because it's the only one that I was able to get Ross and his Rice Rocket in.

Larry and Ashley on Dixie Wrecked.

Nick on his Willie's Tropical Tattoo Chopper Show "Best of Show" winning slabside shovel, Spenser on his "Best Shovel" at the same show bike and Larry & Ashley on the magazine feature bike. I tell you these guys have MAJOR talent and I'm happy they let my old ass hang around. 

Nick & Spenser

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