Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Radio Controlled Helicopter Fly In

Saturday before I hung out with the GarCo crew I met some of my buddies from the Southern Cruisers and we took a nice 50 mile ride to get to an R/C helicopter fly in that was about 5 miles from my house. It was a beautiful morning and we ended up having a good time. Most of the helicopters are the spindly little stunt type but my favs were the realistic models of real helicopters. Of course since I was a Crewchief oh UH-1 Hueys for almost 10 years when I was in the Army that's to be expected.

We got a good parking spot right by the flight line.

Bad ass OH-58D replica turns in for the attack.

The detail on this model was incredible!

Video of it flying.

Nice Huey model. I didn't get to see it fly, but it sure looked good. He even had G.I. Joe type figures inside for realism.

You can see it's a replica of a B model, but I still liked it even if I crewed H models.

SUPER detailed Jet Ranger (civilian version of the OH-58) getting ready to fly. 

This aircraft was super detailed right down to the interior having seatbelts both front and rear as well as all the doors and cowling working like the real thing. He also uses an electric motor so that it has that cool whine like a turbine engine. I was super impressed with this one.

Once again I was blown away by the realism of this model. Check it out starting up and flying around. By the way, the rotor did not really slow down and start turning backwards it is a trick of the video. I told the owner that he should go out to the Talledega Nat. Forest and fly over the pot fields to mess with the growers out there, He said he would but he was afraid they'd shoot it down.

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  1. Cool pix & video - thanks for sharing!