Friday, March 18, 2011

Liberty Belle Was Back In Town!

Once again the Liberty Belle B-17 was back in town. This time they were at the Shelby County Airport instead of Bessemer so I had to drive a little to get there, but it was worth it. I LOVE these old warbirds! Last time I saw her I actually got to fly. It was incredible, luckily I didn't have to pay for it. This time around the B-17 is being accompanied by the Foundation's P-40 Warhawk like the ones used by the Flying Tigers. I didn't get to see it fly, I guess no one who was there when I was had an extra $950.00 to spare for a flight. If you get a chance to see these planes go see them and at least buy a souvenir, the money helps keep these pieces of history flying so that our kids don't forget what the great men who flew these did for us. For more info about this plane check out the Liberty Foundation

Taxiing in from a flight.

Taxiing out for a flight.

The Liberty Belle taxiing in after landing.

Liberty Belle starting her right side engines. They were in a hurry to squeeze in one more flight for the day so when they landed they only shut down the right side engines so that passengers could get out and new ones get on board. Here she is restarting the engines and moving out toward the runway.

Liberty Belle taking off. Here is this beautiful beast taking off. I LOVE the sound of a four engine bomber with radial engines. One day I'll get to fly with her again.

P-40 Warhawk and that famous shark mouth. I know we've seen the design a million times, but this is where it got famous.

Flying Tigers logo on the side of the plane.

The business office

I was surprised to get this picture. There were a LOT of people around and somehow the planets lined up and I snapped a pic when everyone was distracted.

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