Sunday, March 20, 2011

Made A Little Progress On the Photo-Chopper

Was a pretty productive day. The weather was great and I got to ride around this morning and do stuff. In the afternoon I managed to squeeze in some work on the Sporty. I got the brake disk and sprocket mounted and figured out the spacing on the rear wheel. The old chain that came with the bike was long enough for mock up and spacing. Spenser also welded on the kick stand for me so she can actually stand up on her own now. No more asking for help to put the block of wood under the frame. I'm starting to pick up some steam now so hopefully we'll see some REAL progress soon.

I LOVE seeing her stand on her own!

I think she's got a nice stance. Gonna be a sweet ride when I'm done.


  1. Yeah it does have a nice stance. I'll be glad when my tacked on stand gets welded.
    That last pic makes your rear tire look hugh.
    Rock On,

  2. it's looking great!!
    I'm looking forward to seeing her
    scooting hard down the road
    or just hanging out with her sisters
    sometime soon